IT Support Services Technician - F/T

Safety Net, Inc.
Job Description


You’re a people person and natural communicator with a foundational knowledge of information technology.  In your past experience, you’ve learned a thing or two about how to communicate with customers and work as part of a team. Your experience includes providing service to others, whether in a helpdesk role or a customer service position.  Your peers and previous employers would attest to your strong work ethic and warm personality.

You aim to have stability and good benefits, but also training and growth opportunities to launch your IT career instead of sitting stagnant at a larger company. You like the close-knit nature of a smaller company. You want to work someplace where people carry their weight, but also know how to have fun and be friendly.


Safety Net is an award-winning IT firm in our 14th year of business. We believe in bringing enterprise-class IT management to small and midsize businesses. We’re consistently growing, which means professional growth opportunity for our team members. Providing a highly skilled team to our clients is a core part of what we do, so we pay for training – a lot of it. As a company, we strongly believe that if we take great care of our staff, the staff will take great care of our clients. If you have a family (or, just a life!), so do we; we understand the importance of flexibility whenever it’s possible.  We know that customer satisfaction and job satisfaction are linked, so we make efforts to have fun in the office, make sure all staff members are equipped with great technology, and have a comfortable work environment. We also have a “no jerks” hiring policy.  To provide consistently great service to clients, we embrace process (Lean, ITIL, CRM, you name it), so if you like to go about your work all haphazardly, we’re probably not the best place to apply.


The SST performs the critical task of triaging service requests generated from client users and from our monitored systems. In this role, you would spend the majority of your time on the phone and/or in email and live chat. Your work would take place in our Network Operations Center in Traverse City with a great team who like to mentor (and make each other laugh).  Career paths beyond this position include Support Services Specialist/Sr. Support Specialist, Network Administrator, Client Team Lead, and Deployment (Project) Technician. Our current staff are proof: do your training, learn the processes, prove competence, and you will be given greater responsibility.


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