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    Thrive Consulting Group is a communications consultancy that specializes in applying the latest advances in brain science to organizational messaging. Most organizations make the mistake of communicating only their ‘features and benefits’ while ignoring the deep purpose of why they exist in the first place. A communications program informed by a clear and compelling purpose appeals to the subconscious parts of the human brain that are the real drivers of decision making. This kind of communications strategy has been shown to drive staff engagement, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth buzz.

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    Founded in 2012, Thrive Consulting Group has served more than 30 clients across 10 states and the UK. If you are considering doing business with us, you should know that we have a bias: We believe in the kind of business that takes care of all of its stakeholders, not just its shareholders, and we exist to make that kind of business the new ‘business as usual.’ We are guided by five core values:

    Know the Purpose – What do we intend to accomplish?
    Each and Every – Treat every client and every task as the most important.
    Think Accurately – Question your assumptions and back up your assertions.
    Be Transparent – Don’t keep secrets. Share the good news and the bad.
    Raise the Bar – Do it better every time.

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