Affordable Dental Care? We can help!

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March 03, 2017
Did you know Northwest Michigan Health Services Inc has affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health for your staff?

When employees have dental problems, they miss time from work and can actually have reduced customer appeal due to visible dental issues.  Recently some area businesses requested that we explain our fees/services in order to help their staff with expensive dental care.  Feel free to contact our Dental Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer (632-2238), to answer questions or set up a free in-service for you or your staff. 

As a Federally Qualified non-profit Health Center, we provide care to anyone regardless of their ability to pay.  We have evening hours, free transportation vouchers, free interpreters, and free insurance enrollment support for those who need help obtaining insurance.  We also have a sliding fee scale based on income, so if a person makes less than $1005/month, that person only pays $30 and they can get all their fillings, extractions, x-rays, fluoride, exam, cleaning, etc. for only $30 total!  We have clinics in Traverse City, Benzonia, Shelby, and soon Manistee.

Let us know how we can further explain our services and how affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health care can be, so your staff can be healthy, happy, and productive employees for your business!
Jennifer Kerns, (231) 632-2238