Janice Keegan Concert

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October 09, 2017
The Leelanau Community Cultural Center will host a concert performance by Janice Keegan at the Old Art Building in Leland on October 22 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm. Tickets for the concert are $20 and are available at MyNorthTickets.com or by calling 231-256-2131.

Janice Keegan's evocative and memorable singing style has impressed audiences since the early '90s. A seasoned performer, Keegan is noted for her vocal range, fluid phrasing, creative improvisation, impeccable intonation, and expressive yet sensuous sound. Whether energizing the audience with a full on swing tune or moving them to tears with a love ballad, she never disappoints. Her passion for the music is contagious, as is her warmth and sense of humor.

For this concert Janice will be accompanied by, Steve Stargardt, Piano; Laurie Sears, Saxophone; Jack Dryden, Bass & David Collini, Drums.

For more information, please visit www.oldartbuilding.com or call 256-2131.
Linda Sprout
Assistant Program Director
Leelanau Community Cultural Center
At the Old Art Building
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Linda Sprout, Assistant Director
linda@oldartbuilding.com, (231) 256-2131