News Release: 3/28/2017

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March 28, 2017
Company Field Trip to Northport!
Inspiring locations have always inspired creative problem solving.
Willowbrook Mill in Northport is now opening its doors to host weekday meetings, company retreats, think tank days, ideation sessions, banquets & parties including holidays. We will create a perfect package with transportation to and from Traverse City, meals and what you need to be the meeting planning hero of your workplace. A gorgeous drive up M22 and the day in creative problem solving in an inspiring location... it's a great way to do business.
"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." Dalai Lama

It's not too early to book the best holiday party...ever. 
Is it your respnsibility to book the venue for your yearly company gathering? A summer or fall weekday party or a Winter wonderland December event? Call us. We can help you create a memorable experience right up the road from Traverse City. Leave your cars at work and hire a motor coach to bring your group up the Leelanau Peninsula for an evening of fun and enjoy coffee and pastries on the ride back to your own place at the end of the evening. Sing along on the bus? You bet. Make holiday parties fun again!

Call today for more information about meeting with meals for up to 60 people or banquets for up to 150.

We're worth the drive.

Mimi Heberlein, Proprietor, 231-534-2142